HTC 10 Brings Shame To Samsung Oreo Program!

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In a few months from now, Google will host their annual conference and it will see the unveiling of the next-gen Android system – Android P. Despite getting closer and closer to the happening, the current generation Android Oreo is still pending to arrive on a number of major devices.

By this, we are referring to the phones from Samsung. The South Korean tech giant is showing a lot of struggle in the handling of the Android Oreo update and this can be seen when they decided to halt the rollout for the Galaxy S8 due to some issue found with the firmware.

It gets more embarrassing when a struggling brand like HTC has wrapped up Android Oreo update for the age-old HTC 10. The 10 is not meant to receive the update as it has surpassed its support tenure but the fact that it has gotten Oreo just show how the amount of effort poured by HTC into making it happen.

If Samsung is to rollout the update with the same amount of effort poured into selling their phones, we don’t think there will be an angry mob of users that are tired of waiting for Android Oreo.