HTC 10: Super Samsung Galaxy Can’t Even Keep Up!

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Ask a caveman about smartphone brands and they are likely to mention Samsung. This highlights on the popularity of Samsung smartphones in the world and market data are backing this up when they showed that the Galaxy devices hold the greatest market share globally.

This also makes it right for us to say that Samsung is the leader in the Android scene, although it may not be the best brand around. Sure, Samsung may have nailed it with every product produced but they can’t offer a high quality after-sales support to their existing users.

Take the latest Galaxy S8 as an example. For a company with stellar revenue, Samsung has been poor in rolling out the Android Oreo update for their flagship device. The Oreo has arrived on the Galaxy S8 but it came out a lot later than rival devices and the software delivered was criticized for bringing issues to the great phone.

In case you are unaware, the Oreo update for the Galaxy S8 was halted temporarily in order for Samsung to fix a bug found on the software. This is really embarrassing for a company of Samsungs calibre and it gets more humiliating when you learn that the HTC 10 has received Android Oreo much earlier than its superior rival.

The HTC 10 was handed Android Oreo a month ago and the update caught the users by surprise. This is because the 10 is an aged smartphone and it shouldn’t be eligible for the update. Furthermore, HTC has been shackled to a number of financial problems and to see them still committing to offer users the best after-sales experience is just breath-taking.

So much for being the best brand around eh Samsung?