HTC Hits New Low With Android Oreo Turmoil

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If poor sales are not enough for HTC, the ‘once-great’ Android smartphone manufacturer has hit a new low after it delayed the release of Android 8.0 Oreo for the U11 in Europe.

The delay brought disappointment to U11 users across the old continent and it puts a dent on HTC’s crumbling reputation in the smartphone industry. Just so you know, HTC had just finished off 2017 with more losses as their finances landed on a new low in 13 years.

With such a poor market performance, HTC should know better that they need to go all out in appeasing their users to retain their customers but the opposite has happened.

Knowing that the Oreo delays for the U11 can’t be undone, HTC has issued a public apology for it via their social network pages.