HTC U Ignites Massive Financial Decline, Here’s The Culprit

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HTC may have launched the U but the flagship phone is unable to boost HTC’s position in the market. As a matter of fact, HTC has posted a huge loss in revenue following the U’s entry in the market.

This is something which HTC is finding hard to understand, especially when they see the U as their flagship device. Well, someone should tell HTC to start going online and see what people thinks about them because the response are mostly negative.

The consumers are not pleased with the design of the HTC U and they also hated the fact that the U is very expansive to own when it is far behind the Samsung Galaxy S8 in terms of features. What’s worse about it is that the U Ultra buyers are most upset by the U’s entry in the market.

Those that bought the U Ultra really thought that the phone is HTC’S flagship device but it ended up being an inferior smartphone to the U. So why call it the U Ultra in the first place? It resulted in the users feeling cheated, thus forcing them to talk bad about HTC.