HTC U11: Official Discounts Deemed Too Stingy?

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HTC is one of the few smartphone manufacturers that is on a rapid decline. The past couple of years have seen HTC struggling to make ends meet and it got market analysts counting down to the day where the tech firm will call it quit entirely.

Even with the doomsday clock ticking on HTC, the Taiwanese company is not giving up and they kept on producing new phones. The last flagship, which is known as the U11, has been around for almost a year now and HTC is hoping to hand sales of the phone a boost through discounting the MSRP.

HTC revealed earlier today that the U11 can now be purchased with a $100 discount and the promotion will last until February 15.

The discount is a nice gesture from HTC but consumers don’t see any good from it. Tech enthusiasts actually discussed about the U11’s discount online and they claim that it is the price cut is too little for a less interesting and aging device.

Considering that the OnePlus 5 is priced at $500 and has more to offer, the U11 should have matched that level of pricing in order to have an appeal.