HTC U11 Receives Huge Boost From Sprint Amidst Criticisms

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The U11 is the newest flagship device from HTC but unfortunately for the tech giant, the majority of consumers are not happy with the phone. This cannot be helped as most of them felt like they have been tricked into believing that the U Ultra was HTC”s 2017 flagship device.

As a result, the U11 failed to make an impactful debut and this has resulted in HTC making a lot of losses. HTC, however, is not giving up and they are hoping to salvage as much sales as possible.

Today, HTC has received a boost from Sprint when the carrier announced that the U11 is the first phone to operate on their newest Gigabit network. The network will allow the U11 to experience a download speed of up to 1GB per second. Those that want the experience will need to purchase the U11 from Sprint.

It is a good marketing technique and one that HTC desperately needs as it clings on for survival. Even if Sprint Gigabit network is unable to live up to its 1GB expectation, anything less would still be amazing since speed won’t go south of 100MBPS. Will Sprint’s support for the U11 help HTC get out of trouble?