HTC U11 Silencing Critics With Proper Results

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Many hate the U11 because of the way HTC launched the device but despite the overwhelming criticism on the phone, the U11 managed to go against the odds and capture unimaginable sales.

Yes, you read that right. HTC has confirmed that the U11 has sold better than its predecessors – the M10 and M9 in its first week. Not many expected this outcome, especially since the response surrounding the U11 has been mostly negative.

The online feedback saw many hating on the absence of a 3.5mm audio jack and the poor durability of the phone. The worst part about the U11 is that the device came out right after HTC launched the U Ultra – a phone many thought was the flagship device for this year.

Putting that aside, we can only say congratulations to HTC for making great progress with the U11 and we do hope for the phone to make big gains in the market to create greater competition.