HTC U11 vs U Ultra: Where Did HTC Screw Up?

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The U11 is the next big thing to come from HTC as the device looks set to become HTC’s flagship smartphone when released. Despite that fact, many are not happy with the U11’s coming, especially those that have purchased the U Ultra.

The latter is a high-performance smartphone that was launched back in January this year and many thought that it was HTC’s newest flagship. However, the U Ultra turned out to be a second fiddle device right after HTC confirms on the U11.

This is where HTC has screwed up big time. HTC may have not tagged the U Ultra with flagship titles but the choice of name for the device has confused the public. Ultra means something even better than great hence its usage on the U Ultra signifies something. So when the U11 was named as the flagship phone, it left the U Ultra buyers in fury.

HTC is already aware of the criticisms and they tried to cool the situation down by hinting that the U11 may end up being cheaper than the U Ultra. Well, that is not helping at all because it makes it all the more confusing for the consumers. Someone should tell HTC to get sober quickly.