HTC U11 Wants To Be Leader In Mobile Photography

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The latest HTC U11 may not be the most popular Android-powered flagship this year but that is not stopping the phone from hoping to become the benchmark in the field of mobile photography.

HTC revealed earlier today that the camera hardware on the U11 is one of the finest in the market but it is still pending to live up to its full potential. This means that the photography prowess of the U11 is not at its best yet, even when the current offering is able to give rival phones a big fight.

HTC added that improvements on the camera unit will happen gradually through updates and the first of its kind is scheduled to arrive before the start of Q4 this year. HTC didn’t go into details about the update but that didn’t stop the reports from claiming it to be the addition of 60FPS video recording mode.

Such a feature will put U11 on par with the Samsung Galaxy S8 in terms of camera abilities and future updates may just be able to tilt the competition in HTC’s favor.