Huawei Mate 10 Pro: Ninja Camera To Revolutionize Market?

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The Mate 10 Pro is the next big thing to come from Huawei and we can already get a small peek at what the phone will have to offer. This is thanks to Evan Blass after he shared an early photo of the Mate 10 Pro on Twitter.

The popular source for smartphone leaks brought out a detailed image that allows us to observe the design of the Mate 10 Pro and we have to say that the upcoming phone is taking on a unique direction.

Unlike how it is with the mainstream market, Huawei has chosen to make the Mate 10 Pro wider rather than taller. The intriguing bit is with the rear cameras which are positioned on a highlighted bar. The bar gives off an impression of a Zorro or Ninja mask hence we have decided to call the camera as Ninja Cam.

A close look at the camera reveals “1:1.6/27 ASPH” and a quick Google on this confirms that the dual-lens rear shutters are going to be aspherical. Again, this is something quite new in our eyes and it got us more curious to see the photo quality from the Mate 10 Pro.

Can the phone be another leap for Huawei in the smartphone market?