Huawei P10: Strong Design Inspired By Samsung?

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Those that have used a Huawei phone from last year should know better that the company is making some of the best devices around. The P9, in particular, is just an amazing performer and the fans are hoping for more of the same in the upcoming P10.

Well, today we can finally get a rough idea on how the P10 will look like after marketing photos of the phone got leaked online via Evan Blass.

As how you can see above, the P10 will be more vibrant as it will come with more color options. More importantly, the phone does not come with front branding, pseudo antenna lines, camera bump and symmetrical bezels. The fact that Huawei kept it very simple ensures that the P10 will have a very strong design.

But then again, the choice of colors is suggesting that Samsung may have given some inspirations to Huawei. Think about it. A recent leak on the S8 confirms on a green color option and today, we are seeing the P10 painted in green.

Well, even if the Huawei P10 is inspired by the upcoming S8, it won’t be something worth bothering about as long as the phone ticks every box for b