Huawei P20 Pro: Stellar Camera Comes With An Ugly Catch!

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Ever since Huawei released the P10, the company has turned into a go-to brand for those that wants great cameras on their smartphones. The all-new P20 Pro has further cemented Huawei’s position as one of the leading name in smartphone photography but this comes with an ugly catch.

The issue here is that the triple lens rear camera operates on a software that permanently enables beautification. This is a great tool for those who wants to always look good in their photos but not something that is welcomed by prosumer photographers.

For the niche market, they find it wasteful for the P20 Pro to have automatic beautification as it prevents them from capturing a realistic view of the subject. It is a huge bummer because the P20 Pro has successfully blurred the lines of professional photography with its DSLR-like manual mode but there’s no point to this if there is no option to disable the beautification feature.

The rear camera setup on the P20 Pro consist of a 40MP, 20MP and 8MP lens to capture stellar images and you can obtain the device for about $1100.