Is Apple Kicking Out iPad Pro For iPad Pro 2 Arrival?

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Despite being almost a year since Apple launched the iPad Pro, there is still a strong demand for the tablet. This is evident when reports are saying that consumers are having a tough time purchasing the iPad Pro due to the lack of supply.

Well, today Apple actually agreed when they acknowledge the fact that there is a little trouble with keeping supply up for the iPad Pro. While Apple did not go into detail about it, we can’t help but to believe that the supply constraint is caused by Apple on purpose.

This is because we are now very near the arrival of the iPad Pro 2 hence Apple would want to clear up the iPad Pro rather than increasing production volume. The iPad Pro 2 is promised to be many times better than the iPad Pro hence Apple can’t risk having the current model taking the attention away from the sequel product during its arrival day.

It has been this way for Apple since the start of the iPhones. Every time a new iPhone gets released the older model will experience a supply shortage due to clearance sales and such. If this is anything to go by, the iPad Pro 2 is truly not far away from its official debut.