Is Google Planting Spyware On Waze-Android Auto?

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Waze is the most popular map application in the world and this makes it simple to understand why most drivers with an Android-powered phone are wishing to have the app linked to their infotainment system through Android Auto.

The developers at Waze have said it before that this is their next goal and it is likely to happen in Q1 this year. Well, we are in our final days of Q1 and there is still no major sign of Waze coming to Android Auto. The closest thing we have at the moment is a new Android Auto interface which sees some empty spaces for future compatible apps. So what is taking Waze so long?

Nobody knows the exact reason for this but if a theory from Michigan’s Ross School of Business is to be referred to, Google is holding Waze back so that they can implement a live data tracking system on the application.

The aim here is to create a driving profile for the driver and identify his or her needs at any point of time. Once done, Google will have a system that will hold a live auction for advertisers to promote a relevant product via Waze on Android Auto.

It is a big hunt for a major source of revenue and Google wouldn’t want to miss it. While nothing official has been said about the above, the logical explanation makes it the likeliest cause of Waze’s delay on Android Auto.