Is Samsung W2018 Writing Off Microsoft Surface Phone Chances?

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The Samsung W2018 is a different kind of smartphone that is made for a niche market and this is due to its flip body style. While the W2018 may help diversify the market, many are questioning on the real goals of the smartphone.

Well, if the rumours are to be referred to, Samsung is actually looking forward to the release of the Microsoft Surface Phone. The rumoured Surface Phone has been circulating around the web for a couple of years now and just recently ago, a trademark product design suggests that the Surface-based device will have a dual-screen setup.

As how you can see in the image above, the Surface Phone is said to have two 5” panels that can work individually or collectively through a book-flip mechanism.

If this trademark is to come true, then it will fit the Surface Phone “tailored for productivity” description as the dual-display setup will amplify the ability to multi-task.

But of course, even if the Surface Phone is to come true, we don’t think that the Samsung W2018 is intended to compete with it. The W2018 is built with a classic Handphone style that isn’t designed for maximum productivity. What do you think?