Lenovo Mutes Users In Desperate Move To Save Face!

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Recent years have seen China-based companies making it big in the smartphone market and among them is Lenovo. It cannot be avoided as brands like Lenovo has been producing powerful smartphones that is priced lower than mainstream products.

While that has successfully temped a large crowd into adopting a Lenovo, there is still the risk of disappointment with the quality of the smartphones. This is now showing today when the phones from Lenovo are caught malfunctioning after the tech company rolled out the Android Oreo update.

Users that have received the update have complained that the Lenovo phone which they are using has ceased to function. One user who owns a Moto Z Play revealed that the Oreo update has caused extreme lags on his phone and the interface design has scrambled all-over the place.

The issues with the Oreo update are endless and it has destroyed Lenovo’s reputation entirely. The situation got worse when Lenovo suddenly locks their subforum to prevent their users from blasting the Oreo update.

Well, the secret is already out and someone should tell Lenovo that silencing the critics will only add fire to this whole situation. It would simply be better for the company to apologize and work on a quick fix.