Lenovo Speaks Up Against Overused Smartphone Trends!

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Since the start of 2018, smartphone leaks are all pointing to an era where there is no longer a unique identity with a particular device. The flagship phones from major Android OEMs all promises a bezel-less offering with no headphone jack.

We are gutted by this because the over-practiced trend will kill diversity in the Android market as every phone produced will soon be like the Apple iPhone X. But thankfully, not all tech companies share the same sentiment and we can commend Lenovo for speaking up against the trend.

Lenovo may not be our favourite smartphone company but they have got the guts to publically reveal that they are still unhappy with the wide-scale removal of headphone jacks and they won’t even get started on bezel-less display.

Lenovo then blasted the Bluetooth connectivity for wireless headsets are prone to issues and this disrupts the overall user experience hence they are surprised that any OEMs decided to follow Apple’s path in making the move.

It is one thing to follow a trend but to implement it without addressing the cons is what bothered Lenovo and it led to tech giant to pledge its allegiance on headphone jacks and a diversified