LG Blasts Copycat Label By Spilling Truth On Apple iPhone X!

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The Apple iPhone X brought plenty of new things into the world of smartphones and one of them is the ever-attractive notch-display. Such a feature has made the iPhone X a hot-looking device and this has led the majority of China-based Android smartphone manufacturers replicating it on their devices.

Just a week ago, LG joined in on the trend when they teased that the upcoming G7 is going to feature a notch-style design. The tease has led the majority of consumers into condemning the South Korean tech giant for being unoriginal and a copycat.

This appears to be something LG can’t accept and it forced them into going public to defend their decision. LG was quoted saying today that they have been doing notches on their prototypes way before Apple launched the iPhone X.

Seeing that LG is also one of the leading supplier of smartphone displays, we are not surprised if they actually spoken the truth here but the fact that LG had just decided to offer the feature now makes them more of a market follower, not a leader.