LG G4: Don’t Kill Me Off Just Yet

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About two years ago, LG launched the G4 and the device managed to live up to the expectations of the masses. The G4 brought improvements over the popular G3 and it led to many adopting the phone.

However, the experience with the G4 soon went on a decline after users experienced a bootloop issue with the device. The issue is so widespread that it spoiled LG’s momentum in the smartphone market.

It took a heavy toll on LG but now the South Korean tech firm has found its way back in the market after impressing the masses with the newly released G6. Despite having a new flagship out in the market, LG is not planning on slowing down and they are putting their focus on the old G4.

LG revealed earlier today that they have decided on offering Android 7.0 Nougat to the G4 and the update is expected to arrive soon. The Nougat OS upgrade will also help solve the major software issues on the G4.

It may have taken LG a long while to make this decision but we would accept it over nothing. After all, the G4 was still a relevant phone when Google launched Android Nougat hence depriving the device from an OS upgrade will only destroy LG’s image.