LG G4 Security Update Fiasco Takes Another Massive Hit!

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One of the things that made it difficult for LG smartphone owners to remain loyal to the brand is with the company’s poor after sales support. No matter how attractive an LG phone is, it will lose value almost immediately and this is caused by the absence of updates.

The biggest example here is with the G4, an old flagship that has only received 2 updates in 2 years. To make matters worse, this is for the unlocked G4 which means that no carrier had a play in preventing the device from getting updates.

Today, the poor software support struck a new low as LG confirms that the G4 and several other devices will no longer get Android’s monthly security updates. This is a huge let down as it makes the majority of current G4 owners regretting their purchase.

If this goes unaddressed, we may see the G4’s update fiasco influencing sales of the G6 and the V30 negatively.