LG G5: A Flagship Phone With The Worst Depreciation Value?

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Every smartphone in the market will lose its value at a rapid pace but their speed of depreciation can’t match that of the LG G5. The flagship phone was launched 160 days ago and it is priced similarly to its rivals.

Today, however, it is a different story as the G5 became the flagship smartphone with the worst value around. The G5 is no longer priced in the $800 bracket today and consumers can own one for less than $600. One consumer shared that he got a brand new unit for a mere $170 on Craiglist.

It basically confirms that the G5 carries no value, especially when compared to other flagship devices. Does this mean that the LG G5 is a bad device?

Hardware-wise, the G5 is as good as the Android flagships. However, many are pleased with the build quality of the G5 hence the rapid depreciation rate.