LG G5: Patriotism Not Dead With Android Nougat

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LG may not be the most popular smartphone manufacturer today but at least they are quick to update their devices. This is proven again today when LG officially rolls out the Android 7.0 Nougat update for the G5.

But before you start searching for the update on your G5, you should note that the roll out is only taking place in LG’s home country, South Korea. LG revealed that they will launch the update in phases starting with South Korea before moving on to other countries.

It is pretty clear that LG is a patriotic brand and it is only right for South Korea to receive the Nougat update for the G5 first. There is nothing to be upset about because the Nougat update is being rolled out faster on LG than on other major smartphone manufacturers.

LG G5 users here in the US can look forward to receive the Nougat update before the end of this month. However, this is still subject to the local carriers which can further delay the release of the update.