LG G6: A Potential Perfection?

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The G6 is the next big thing to come from LG and it is a device that is not as hotly anticipated as the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 or the future Apple iPhone 8.

This cannot be helped as not many are interested in the smartphones from LG due to the company’s recent boot-loop problems with their device. It dealt a huge blow on LG’s reputation and this can be seen with the sales decline of LG products.

But then again, LG’s fortune can turn around quickly provided that the G6 comes out good. LG wouldn’t want to repeat the boot-loop mistakes of the past hence we can really look forward to seeing the G6 acting out as a correction device.

On top of its all, the G6 will be combining all of its most attractive offerings from the past in a bid to become a perfect smartphone. The G6 will be getting unveiled in a couple of weeks from now and all will be officially unveiled then.