LG G6 Finally Gets A Taste Of Android Oreo

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At long last, LG’s flagship phone from last year has gotten a taste of Android Oreo. The G6 has been in the wait for the firmware upgrade and they have finally gotten it.

We are still shocked by this as it took LG a solid 9 months to deliver Android Oreo. Just a month ago, we were blasting Samsung for being late with the release of Oreo for the Galaxy S8 without realizing that the G6 was still waiting for Android Oreo at that time.

The Oreo update was released to G6 users over in the UK and we are unsure if users on other parts of the world are getting the firmware at the same time.

One other thing worth noting is the fact that Android Oreo was launched to the phone together with April Security Updates. We are personally lost for words on the lateness of LG and it basically proves that the tech giant shouldn’t even be in the same league with Samsung.