LG G6 Has A Different Opinion On ‘Mini’ Phones

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Mini and Compact phones are common names used to describe a device that is made to be smaller than the model it is based on but this is not going to be the definition which LG will use for the upcoming G6 Mini.

A leak revealed earlier today that the G6 Mini will feature a 5.4” screen which means that it is going to be large rather than small. So why did LG choose the name Mini?

The answer here is with the scaled down performance and price of the upcoming G6 Mini. The phone will rely on the mid-level Snapdragon 430 and 3GB of RAM. The tuned down performance of the G6 Mini will also lead to a smaller price tag thus the use of the name ‘Mini’.

Personally, we don’t see the point in having the G6 Mini as it would have been better if LG produces a more powerful version of the G6 or make a smaller version of the G6. The G6 Mini should be a role filled by a completely different model. What do you think?