LG G6: Is LG Digging Their Own Grave?

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LG has spilled everything about the G6 and major reviewers have also gotten an early hands-on experience with the device. So why is LG taking forever to launch the G6?

In case you are unaware, the G6 is still not available for purchase, at least until next month. This means that you can’t buy the phone right now despite knowing plenty or everything about it.

We see this as a worry because the excessive lag time between device announcement and its official release is killing the hype for the G6. By the time the G6 goes on sale, Samsung will pull the curtains off the Galaxy S8 and it may reel away the crowd that is once hyped for the LG G6.

It is a suicidal move from LG to not launch the G6 immediately after the device’s unveiling. If this outcome is to come true, then LG has no right to blame anyone as they are at full fault for their demise.