LG G7 Allegedly Priced Under $500!

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Prices of flagship smartphones have experienced a gradual increase over the years and this explains why many are expecting the upcoming LG G7 to retail from $699.

This is close to the average price for a smartphone with the Snapdragon 845 chipset on-board and we won’t be surprised if this comes true. But then again, our expectation has been challenged by a new leak which claims the G7 will retail from $480 when released.

This is significantly lower than $699, even if it is for the base version. The leak quoted that the G7 will go on pre-order next week with a price of GBP495 – a level of pricing that is certainly mind-blowing.

As much as we would prefer to trash the leak as a hoax, there is a chance for it to be true and this is since LG is desperate to keep hold of their market share.