LG G7 Confirmed, Puts Moniker Debate To Rest!

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It’s official. The next flagship smartphone from LG will be called the G7. To most of you, this shouldn’t even be a topic of discussion because the phone will obviously be called the G7.

But then again, towards the end of 2017, there have been a number of reports claiming that LG is going to rebrand the Gx line of smartphones starting in 2018 this year thus raising the possibility of a brand new phone name.

If you are part of the minority that has read about it, then you should know that the name-change won’t happen as the successor for the G6 will be called the G7.

The LG G7 is expected to debut somewhere in Q2 this year and unlike the G6, the device is going to get equipped with the flagship Snapdragon SoC of 2018.