LG G7, Motorola G6 To Focus On Face Recognition Only?

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2017 has been a disappointing year for the flagship Android smartphone scene as it witnessed more phones ditching the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack and coming out with plenty of software-related issues.

The killing blow is with the fact that the phones from last year tried too hard to implement new features without addressing the major things that are affecting users on the daily. Some examples include the push for dual-lens cameras and fingerprint scanner.

Reports are now indicating that this year won’t be any different as the phones coming out will follow on Apple’s footsteps in emphasizing on face recognition as a tool of security. Trend followers like LG and Motorola are likely to dwell into face recognition technology and use it to market their phone as being significantly better than the ones in previous years.

Well, having the LG G7 and Motorola G6 with a mild hardware upgrade and face recognition won’t be enough in our eyes because we feel that tech manufacturers should pursue refinements on their products.

Things like front-facing speakers and flawless software-hardware integration should be the priority here.