LG G7 Promises To Debut With A Non-Removable Bloat!

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Bloatwares are commonly referred to apps that have been installed on a new smartphone by a carrier or the manufacturer and most of the time, they are not utilized at all.

This is why the majority of smartphone users are not please to have bloatwares on their phones and some are willing to root their device in a bid to remove the bloats.

Well, if you’re looking forward to the LG G7, you should know that the upcoming flagship will retail with a massive bloat that is shockingly not-removable.

The bloat we are referring to is defined as a hardware bloat and it takes the shape of a physical button that is dedicated for Google Assistant. With the button being a hardware on the G7, there is no way to remove the bloat without disfiguring the device.

The good news here is that there is likely going to be a workaround for the device and it is with a button remapping tweak. It’s the least one can have if they are to make the extra button on the G7 useful.