LG G7 ThinQ: 6-Incher Gets A 43” 4K Boost For Free!

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The G7 ThinQ is the next major smartphone to come from LG and it is one you should consider getting if you want to get the most out of your dollars.

While the official pricing of the G7 is unknown at the moment, many are predicting on a figure that is similar to the Samsung Galaxy S9. This means that the G7 is likely to cost between $700 and $800.

It may sound costly for a phone that is perceived to be weaker than the Galaxy S9 but you are actually getting the device for a steal. LG confirmed on this earlier today when they revealed that early adopters of the G7 will be getting a brand-new 43” 4K television for free.

We are unsure what LG is thinking when they decided to offer the G7 and the TV set under a single price tag but this can only mean well for the consumers. The promotion will kick-off in 2 days from now and you can read more about it here.