LG G7, V35 Trashes Scrap & Delay Allegations

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What is up with LG? The South-Korean tech giant is expected to launch its next flagship smartphone somewhere in Q2 this year but they are still pending to share anything on the device.

Tentatively-known as the G7, the lack of coverage on the phone paired to the absent of leaks has led rumours to claim that the device won’t be coming out in Q2 at all. The word is that LG already approved the design of the G7 but upon realizing that the prospects are poor with the phone, they have decided to scrap everything and start all over again.

What bothered us is the fact that such claims are being backed up by several notable industry insiders. However, this is with the exception of popular leaker Evan Blass.

The lad took it to Twitter to share that the G7, and even the upcoming V35, has been unveiled behind closed doors which goes to say that their offerings have been finalized and approved by LG.

All that is left is for LG to unveil the two phones and like their current release pattern, the G7 will arrive ahead of the V35.