LG G7: Will Outdated Processor Continue In 2018?

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2017 has proved to be a successful year for LG as both the G6 and the V30 managed to attract a large number of consumers. But despite doing better in 2017, the flagship phones from LG are still blasted for keeping up with old habits.

Take the G6 as an example. The phone willingly snubbed a newer Snapdragon SoC just so that it can get released at a much earlier date. While this has proved to be fruitful, LG should know better that the majority of consumers won’t fall for it again.

The signs of change happening appeared throughout December last month when leaks and insider reports revealed that the upcoming LG G7 won’t debut until after Samsung launches the Galaxy S9.

The delayed release of the G7 will allow LG to build the phone with the newest chipset around and it will mark a positive change from the South Korean tech giant. But of course, until it truly happens, we would recommend taking the above with a spoon of salt because it sounds too good to be LG.