LG Learns From LG G5 Failure In 2017

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The G5 is LG’s current flagship smartphone and it is going to get replaced with the G6 in a couple of months from now. LG confirmed on this earlier today when they teased on the development of a new flagship for 2017.

In addition to that, LG also shared that they won’t be repeating the mistakes and unpopular features from last year with their next major product. While details were not provided by LG, it is highly likely for the G6 to ditch the modular setup completely.

Modules do sound like a great leap forward in the smartphone industry but it never really got accepted by the mainstream smartphone market thus it is not a financially sound decision for LG to build the G6 like the G5.

Details on the G6 are expected to officially surface at the next Mobile World Congress and we can’t wait to see what LG has in store for the consumers. Are you excited?