LG V30: Anticipation Soars Following G6 Bulletproof Program

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LG may have produced some of the world’s best smartphones in the past but their lingering software issues have prevented the masses from jumping straight into adopting a phone made by them.

LG may have promised a big change with the newly launched G6 but even their words can’t prevent the consumers from behaving cautiously towards the flagship phone, regardless of how attractive it is.

Well, today we can confirm that the consumers now have greater confidence with LG-made product and this is thanks to a new 2 year warranty program being made as a standard for the G6. Here in the US, warranties are limited to one year but it is no longer the case for the G6.

With the 2 year warranty now made available in the US, many have rushed to adopt the G6 thus boosting LG’s position in the market. For those that have yet to jump ship, they are now considering the future V30.

The LG V30 is expected to come out in Q3 this year and it will get loaded with the best hardwares around. When paired with the 2 year warranty program, consumers can have great peace when using the phone.