LG V30 Bashes Non-Headphone Smartphones In Full Style

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2017 can be said as a sour year for the smartphone industry as the majority of consumers are not happy seeing manufacturers removing the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack slot on their phones.

Names like Google, HTC and many others have decided to follow the path of Apple in removing headphone jacks on their flagship products and it resulted in the consumers looking at other makes like Samsung and LG.

For LG, they stood loyal to headphone jacks and this explains why the firm is reluctant to remove the feature on the latest V30. The best part about it is that LG is now cementing their stance on headphone jacks by offering the V30 with a 300 Euro headphones in Europe.

Our counterpart in Poland shared that those who pre-ordered the V30 will get the high-end headphones worth 300 Euro and this is clearly a hit towards the trend to remove wired headphones on smartphones.

While we may respect LG for taking such a stance at the unpopular trend, it would have been better if the tech giant is to offset the price of the V30 by a big margin instead of offering the premium headphone jack.