LG V30 Boosted With Netflix HDR Support

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Flagship phones that came out this year are all HDR-capable and this is great news if you are a fan of Netflix. The media streaming platform is now adding HDR support for HDR-enabled devices and the move will start with the LG V30.

The phone is now getting an update for the Netflix app and it will allow users to stream media content in HDR. Soon, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be getting the same update.

With HRD streaming support, users can enjoy a more engaging entertainment experience with the Netflix application. If you happen to own the V30, you can head to the Play Store and apply the necessary update.

The only bummer here is that Netflix has made no mentions of HDR support for the Samsung Galaxy S8. The latter is also HDR-ready and perhaps an update will arrive for the phone at a later date.