LG V30: Where Art Thou?

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We already know plenty about the all-new LG V30 but we are still clueless on when the phone will become available for purchase. The V30 made its unveiling last month but it is still pending to hit the shelves. So when will the V300 become available to buy?

Today, LG offered a clue on this when they revealed that September 21 will see the V30 go on sale in South Korea. That is about a week from now and we can expect the phone to get distributed globally following its home debut.

LG offered no dates to when the V30 will hit the US market but they did mention soon after South Korea has received the phone. This led us to study LG’s release pattern and from it, we predict that the V30 will hit the stores in early October.

It often takes a month for an LG product to get shipped into the US following its official release hence October sounds likely for the V30 to make its sales debut.