LG V30: Where Art Thou?

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After making leaps in the market with the G6, LG is now proceeding to develop the next big thing – the V30. The sequel to the V30 will hope to right every wrong on its predecessor, the V20. This explains why many are excited for the phone but when exactly can we expect the V30 to make its debut?

If the release pattern of the V-Series is to be referred to, we can expect the V30 to come out somewhere in September. However, reports are now claiming that August 31 is when LG will launch the V30.

August 31 will host the annual IFA event and LG will be using their time at the happening to bring out the V30. Even the insiders are claiming that the V30 will come out slightly earlier than usual and this makes the reports looking likely to come true.

The V30 is rumored to come out with newer hardwares than the flagship G6 but it will also feature a non-replaceable battery. Are you excited?