LG Will Continue To Supply Google Despite Pixel 2 Blues!

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By now, you must have heard of the Blue Shift issue that have been plaguing the Google Pixel 2 and nobody is taking responsibility for it. The only good thing here is that Google is now offering an update that will solve the blue tint issue.

So, whose fault is it?

The majority would say that Google is to be blamed for the blue shift fiasco as opposed to the minority which has pointed their finger at LG. The latter is the one supplying the OLED panels to Google hence they are at fault for selling a bad quality product.

The minority may have got a good point and it has led to many reports speculating that Google is considering terminating LG as their producer in favour of HTC.

This is quite a drastic change and we don’t think that it will happen at all. This is because it is likely for Google to be the one requesting for that specific OLED panels without checking for its faults.

Furthermore, LG has been in the mix of many phone-related issues in the past but they never stopped Google from tapping on their parts. The way we see it, LG will continue serving Google even if their parts are to result in exploding Pixel 2.