Lost Google Nexus 6P Feature Now Found In Samsung Galaxy S8

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One of the things that made the old Google Nexus 6P a great flagship device is the feature where you can reply to a notification message all while being in the lock screen. This is a feature which many users really love having but unfortunately, it was taken away by Google for some unknown reasons.

Google literally removed the codes which allowed the feature to exist and they never explained why. Today, the reply in lock screen feature was found again and it is on the newly released Samsung Galaxy S8.

The lads at XDA received their Galaxy S8 order and after hours of exploring the device, the shared with the world that users can activate Quick Reply for Notifications while on the Lockscreen (with PIN enabled)

If you have yet to found it on your Galaxy S8, you can manual search for the feature by keying in the term “Enable Quick Reply”. It is one feature which you will grow to love once you try using it.