Lumia 950 XL Poor Handling Kills Hope For Surface Phone

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Microsoft is a massive tech company that is finding it hard to compete in the smartphone industry. This cannot be helped as their sluggish behavior allowed Google and Apple to dominate the market.

Microsoft’s final attempt was with the Lumia 950 XL and despite the phone receiving good ratings, it is still unable to compete fiercely with the heavyweights from Android and iOS. The problem here is actually not with the Lumia XL but instead, with Microsoft poor handling of the device.

Microsoft has been very selective when selling the 950 XL, in the sense that they tend to give up quickly. This can be seen when the tech giant pulled the 950 XL out of the market last November, prior to the device’s two-year anniversary. This is then quickly followed by the closure of several 950 XL’s social sites, which left the users in fury.

The rumors may be indicating that the decision is influenced by the upcoming Surface Phone but we beg to differ. Microsoft has been very poor with their smartphones in the past thus making us believing that things won’t be any different with the future Surface Phone. Wouldn’t you agree?