MacBook Air Eliminated, iPad Pro To Blame?

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About a month ago, Apple confirmed that the MacBook Air has faced the axe as the tech giant is planning a massive reshuffle of their laptops for 2017. While no explanation were provided, it is pretty clear that the cause of it all is declining sales.

The MacBook Air failed to generate great sales in 2016 hence it is not a good idea to have the laptop getting another refresh in 2017. But then again, a research shows that the sales decline happened after Apple launched the iPad Pro.

The latter arrived in full style as it immediately made leaps on the sales front and this comes at the cost of the MacBook Air. It seems that the consumers don’t see the value inside of the MacBook Air anymore since the iPad Pro can take over most of its task with ease.

With that being said, it is right to blame the iPad Pro for the MacBook Air’s demise? Or is it just a shift into a new era of tablets? We would love to hear your thoughts on the above.