MacBook Pro Figures Won’t Give Surface Book A Chance

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Most of us can agree that the 2016 MacBook Pro is a big disappointment as it is made to be more expansive than the 2015 model despite not having much new things to justify the price hike.

The disappointing outcome of the latest MacBook Pro saw many users making the switch to Microsoft Surface Book and it got many speculating this happening to be the start of Apple’s downfall. But according to KGI Securities, this is not an accurate prediction at all.

The firm confirmed earlier today that Apple is making massive changes to its MacBook Pro line-up this year and this can be seen with the axing of the MacBook Air. In place of the lightweight laptop is the MacBook Pro without Touch Bar and it will have its price reduced by a big margin.

The best part of them all is that the 2017 MacBook Pro that is due to arrive later this year will look to become attractive again as it will come out equipped with Kaby Lake processor that may get paired with 32GB of RAM.

If what KGI says is true, then we can expect a comeback from Apple in the laptop department. The Surface Book’s uprising can then be described as a momentary fluke in the market.