McAfee Kills Samsung Galaxy S8 Ahead Of Virus

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How do you prevent a digital virus from hitting your device? For McAfee, the answer is as simple as leaving the Galaxy S8 for dead. We are not kidding as this is what S8 users are describing their situation right following the installation of McAfee through Samsung’s free program.

Samsung announced that the S8 is loaded with McAfee anti-virus app out of the box and it will be free to install. However, installing the anti-virus app will spoil the entire Galaxy S8 experience which users have been enjoying.

It was discovered that McAfee consumes a lot of power thus preventing the S8 from offering long-lasting usage. The app simply degrades the battery life on the S8. Also, it forces you to disable the battery optimization feature for the app to let it function with a persistent notification.

The whole setup is causing more harm than good, which is something many are not pleased with. But then again, the rapid battery drain caused by McAfee could be their way of preventing virus from hitting the Galaxy S8. Your phone can’t get a virus if it’s always dead