Microsoft Are Better At Selling Samsung Galaxy S8 Than Making Phones!

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If you have been a loyal follower of the smartphone industry, then you should know that Microsoft is a failure in this field as their Windows-powered smartphones never managed to compete with the likes of Apple and Android.

Also, there have been talks about Microsoft planning to make a big return in the scene with a new smartphone that is based on the Surface tablets. The device will be a one-off sophisticated machine that is refined for maximum productivity.

Whether the Surface Phone will come true or end up being a success is something we can’t tell at the moment hence there is no need to ponder about it. More importantly, Microsoft is doing better without a smartphone product as they are excelling at selling smartphones.

In case you are unaware, Microsoft’s store has been selling smartphones for a while now and the Black Friday season has witnessed them offering some of the best deals around.

If you are to head into the store right now, you will be shocked to see that the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 is now going off with a $150 off. The best part is that the deal is applicable for the more expansive S8+.

This is personally the best deal for the Samsung Galaxy S8 at the moment and we are pretty surprised to see it at Microsoft Store. Perhaps the tech giant should just focus on being a retailer as a side project instead of making phones.