Microsoft Slowly Ends Lumia For Surface Phone

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It is no secret that Microsoft is about to make a second entry in the smartphone industry and the comeback will begin later this year. The details on Microsoft upcoming flagship smartphone are unknown at the moment but many are tipping it to be the Surface phone.

The Surface Phone will follow the ways of the ever successful Surface Pro tablets and it will look to be completely different from the Lumia nameplate. While this should be taken with a grain of salt until further clarification from Microsoft, there are already many evidences pointing to the Surface Phone’s coming.

The first major sign appeared last month when Microsoft officially killed the Lumia. Fast forward to yesterday, Microsoft shut down the Lumia Photography Instagram account. However, the tech giant will continue sharing photos taken by the Lumia phones through the official Microsoft Lumia account.

Microsoft is taking a step at a time in killing the Lumia name entirely and it is very typical of them to do so. Once every Lumia-related stuffs have faced the axe, we can expect the tech giant to start promoting the Surface Phone heavily.