Microsoft Solitaire Android Debut Amplifies Critics

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80s and 90s kids can easily agree that the best version of Solitaire is the one on Microsoft Windows. Microsoft is well aware of this and they have finally released the classic Solitaire game on mobile.

Yes, you read that right. Microsoft Solitaire was released on both the Android and iOS system yesterday and it captured the attention of the masses. Unfortunately, the download count didn’t manage to go on full acceleration as the app is perceived as more bad than good.

Well, this cannot be helped because everything about the Solitaire app makes it look unattractive. The game is 42MB in size, comes with in-app purchase and it contains apps. That is pretty large for a simple Solitaire game and the ads are always promoting Microsoft.

It gets worse when you realize that you have to pay $1.99 every month to remove the ads. Seriously, what is Microsoft thinking?