Microsoft Surface Phone: 10” Foldable Display On The Cards?

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Microsoft has attain great success with the Surface Pro and Surface Book, and this has led rumours into claiming that the tech giant is going to use the Surface branding to revive its smartphone conquest.

Microsoft has never managed to do well in the smartphone market and the popularity of the Surface devices may be able to change that. While it will take a miracle for a single Surface Phone to stand on equal terms with Samsung and Apple, the least Microsoft could do is conquer a niche market.

By niche, we are specifically referring to executives that would love to have a long-lasting, productivity-tuned device. Well, Microsoft looks to be ahead of things because a trademark made from the company has been found it shows a sketch of a smartphone that can fold.

Should one half of the phone have a screen measurement that is equal to an average 5” phone, then we can expect the full display size to be at 10”. But of course, we don’t even know if the trademark above is going to be the Surface Phone. All we can hope for is some clarification from Microsoft.