Microsoft Surface Phone: 2017 Looks Less Likely

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Microsoft may have exited the smartphone market but it does not mean that they have quitted on smartphones at all. The tech giant pulled the Lumia phones out of the market late last year because they needed a break.

Smartphones is simply a market which Microsoft is finding it hard to compete in and they are now aware that something excessively special is needed to challenge Apple and Google. The tech giant may not admit it yet but they are planning a brand new line of flagship phones.

If the rumours are to be referred to, the future device from Microsoft will be called the Surface Phone and it will have support for ARM. Such a setup will add-in some exclusivity to the Surface Phone thus allowing it to break-free from the common offerings.

In addition to that, the Surface Phone will be tailored for productivity and a nice balance in luxury and functions. These are the basis of the Surface Book and Surface Pro hence it gives the Surface Phone a huge potential for success.

But of course, we can’t confirm on anything until Microsoft brings out the Surface Phone. The smartphone is said to come out in 2017 but we feel that it is too early for something massive – especially when rival makes are also plotting on something huge this year. 2018 sounds more likely for the Surface Phone to debut.